Momentum Hates “What Ifs ??”


Hard to Get Going – Yet Once You Do…


Seems like we always dream of what if.

What if I would have started this years ago? 

     What if I never did that? 

     What if I just start tomorrow?

Seems like the hardest challenge is getting out of the “what if” stage and starting some momentum. When it comes to debt we only see the piles of bills. We only see the mess we made. We only see we have no energy today and that may tomorrow we can start. So we just go buy some new toy to take our mind off of it and feel better.

And so the cycle continues….

The hard part is gaining the momentum of action. Who gives a flying squirrel about those “what ifs?

What if

(public service announcement ~~ duck when you see a flying squirrel coming)

So what happens when we have momentum? Once we see some progress we need to let it roll!! Yes, don’t stop that ball from rolling, run faster! Work harder. You can do it!

I noticed the past few days I was feeling down about all the “what ifs” I had. The more I thought of the “what ifs” The more bummed I got. Maybe I was asking the wrong “What ifs”? What if (couldn’t help myself) ….what if I should have asked….What if I never started this path of clean up? Wow, then I realized all I had to lose and all I had to gain. That the reason for the snowball approach to attacking our debt is to help show us the power of momentum.

I know this post probably sounds like I’m rambling and maybe I am. I wasn’t sure where I was going with it but I was thinking and typing at the same time.

“What if” I don’t keep moving? … hmm…

“What if” I don’t keep a positive outlook on the future?” … hmmm

“What if” I was completely out of debt? … Ahhhh 

Now the smile shows.

Maybe this post is more about the “What ifs”.  Maybe I can get the rock to roll over the them?

What if…..

squash what ifWe Squash it!

oh, and


flying squirrel



Hanging in There…. Debt will NOT Win!

Hang in there

Whatever you do… Don’t Let Go!

Well I’ve been telling my story and before I get into the next phase of it, I thought I’d update those cool little graphs I put in my widgets. This way you (and I) can be reminded of how far I have come. The way I see it, if I can hang in there, so can you.

I’ve noticed when we focus on where we are, we forget where we started. Kind of like climbing a mountain and seeing the peek so far off you get discouraged until you look down and see how far you have come… (not that I’ve climbed any mountains lately but I’m gonna assume it might be the same)   🙂

Or maybe when you are so full and realize you can’t possibly eat that last piece of pizza until you realize you already at 7 slices. (Hmm, maybe that doesn’t work either….) Anyways, you get the point.

You see, as crazy as my $1.5 million of debt looks to me, I am amazed that I’m down $300,000 in the past year and half. Granted, I’ve sold some things and plan on selling more things. But hey, it all counts. It leaves my debt column and that is what counts. Now that I’ve got an a small income coming in, I can pay what I can which will keep helping too.

The hard part is to not get discouraged. I know it will take me years to get out of this mess but I am determined. I hope you are determined too. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure there is plenty of room on my rope for both of us to hang on too. We can do it! We will do it!