Owning a Business vs Buying a Job

Owning a Business vs Buying a Job

(and a bad paying one at that)


Dave Ramsey is always trying to help new business owners realize there is a differnce between owning a business and buying yourself a job. Unfortunately, I was a little too late for this nugget of wisdom. I bought a 5 year “job” that paid nothing and cost me everything.

Maybe it sounds melodramtic but I don’t mean it too. It is just the truth. My truth. My ultimate stupid tax was buying my business.

Being the optimist that I am, I try and step back and focus on the true lessons the past few years have given me vs feeling the empty pit in my stomach. LOL.

I’m sure I’ll talk about this decision in several posts. I really need to help others realize how dangerous it is to “buy a job” vs owning your business. Working hard to build something that can become very successful is awesome. I plan on doing that with my new business. My new direction. The place I’m using all the knowledge I gained from the previous 5 years.

I have worked pretty much every day the past 5 years and took zero income. Yes you read that right. I lived off the money I worked 25 years to build. Now it is all gone. Lets do the math, it took me 5 years to lose what 25 years took to build. Hmm, that is some bad retirement plan.  LOL. Not to mention the no days off part again. I laugh now, but if I think too hard I could cry.

Just chalk it up to another life lesson. One I plan to help others with and one I plan to rebuild stronger, faster and even larger.

The journey of getting out of debt is only partly the financial side of it, the other side of the coin is to take moments to reflect what got you there and how to change your mindset to form new habits and grow stronger. Not to mention to help others.

More on this part of my journey as we move on. For now, just know that if you are planning on buying a small business, slow down turbo and make sure you think this through. I’ll keep sharing my thoughts and what I learned…

More to come…